Introduction to ParaSpace

Access credit with multiple asset types to improve capital efficiency

Introduction to ParaSpace

What is ParaSpace?

ParaSpace is a decentralized lending protocol that allows users to borrow and lend against Non-Fungible and Fungible tokens alike. ParaSpace allows users to tap into otherwise-unused capital to fund further investments and earn yields on the same.

Why ParaSpace?

We believe existing lending protocols leave many problems unsolved including limited support for collateral and a lack of attention to different users' risk preferences. Our vision is to create a platform with strong support for a wide variety of both fungible and non-fungible assets extending into the real world.
With the recent prominence of the NFT collectibles, ParaSpace offers products and features which add value and enhance liquidity and capital efficiency in a large and fast-growing market segment. The larger solution includes support of a much wider range of existing on-chain financial, art and collectible, gaming, and other types of assets.
Our goal is likewise to offer users true customizability on what assets they may borrow/borrow against and on what terms. The protocol currently supports Peer to Pool lending which solves many but not all of these pain points. We nonetheless will bring together the best of capital efficiency from Peer to Pool borrowing/lending and complement it with greater customization available via Peer to Peer lending.

ParaSpace Builds towards the future in DeFi and Crypto

The ParaSpace team believes in a future where tokenized assets proliferate with different kinds of utility, applications, and especially the connection to real-world assets. The next 10-20 years will see substantial changes in how we account for and transact valuable assets. Ultimately ParaSpace will act as the permissionless and highly customizable infrastructure to solve many unmet needs in efficient uses of on-chain capital. We seek to bring web3 and Decentralized Finance to 1 billion people.